Adding Sparkle to Girl’s Night

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These past couple of months have been so busy; between traveling to Los Angeles and Palm Springs, my Peanut Tour trip, Austin for Steph’s wedding, my work trips, New York Fashion week and everything in between, I haven’t had much time to spend with my family and friends. Luckily, a couple of us got together this past weekend to catch up, grab dinner, and a few drinks.


It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with some of my besties and really just let my hair down. Traveling is so much fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but I really miss being able to see my favorite people more often – and the cliché “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” applies to both romantic relationships and friendships. It really makes me appreciate being around the people the I love so much.

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Since I wanted to look my best, I grabbed this fun little red dress. I paired it with my gold mule pumps, a black clutch and a pair of Lightbox Jewelry pink lab-grown diamond earrings and matching necklace which added the perfect amount of sparkle for this Friday night outing. (I also think this outfit would make for an amazing date night outfit  – a little bit of sparkle/a fabulous dress/lots of confidence – I’m not sure any date could resist it 😉 ).


I recently fell in love with Lightbox Jewelry and their laboratory-grown diamonds when I saw that they had colored stones. (P.S. I have the blush pink studs, but they also make blue ones and they are totally on my wish list – I mean c’mon blue is this blog’s name and my favorite color, so it’s only fitting that I’m hoping to get my hands on them soon). Once I got these pink babies in my hands, I was unable to see or feel a difference in these lab-grown diamonds because they share the same physical, optical and chemical property as natural diamonds.


Can we also talk about how Christmas is now less than 100 days away? I’m going to be keeping Lightbox Jewelry on my short list for gifts for those who mean the most to me since they offer affordable and transparent pricing – their lab-grown diamonds start at $200 per quarter carat and go up to $800 per carat plus the cost of the setting. All of their pricing is listed directly on their site by the weight of the piece and I love that the pricing stays consistent through all of their colors – white, pink or blue. Additionally, Lightbox Jewelry has two different prices for the settings the lab-grown diamonds are in. Silver will run you $100 while gold is $200. I truly appreciate their straightforward pricing – it helps me to plan and save for a big purchase, like jewelry.  Overall, I am so excited to have found Lightbox Jewelry and can’t wait to pick out my next piece super soon!

Have you ever tried lab-grown diamonds? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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