Cooking with Mr. Bill – The Perfect Steak

How to cook the perfect steak from the SGSB grill masterI love spending time with my family and one of our favorite ways to do this is by sharing a meal. My Dad and I both love to cook so we are typically in the kitchen. My Mom loves to bake, so I typically will assist her on some of the sweets for each meal beforehand.

My Dad can cook a lot of tasty items, but one of the things he is known for is his steaks. They always turn out so tasty

Given this year’s holiday’s are a bit different, I asked him to share his tips and tricks for cooking the best steaks to celebrate Christmas or any other event.

How to Cook an Amazing Steak

Vacuum seal a your favorite steak and Sous Vide the steaks for 1:15 minutes at 115 degrees.

While this is going on, create a basting sauce with Worcestershire Sauce, Melted Butter, Brown Sugar and Bourbon [a little for the chef is optional] salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and Chili Powder to taste.

Open the bags and set them out on a plate and baste both sides liberally.

Place on a very hot grill to create a nice crust full of the flavors of the basting sauce and the seasonings.

Flip every 2 minutes until the steaks are your desired temperature.  Medium rare takes 4-8 minutes depending on your grill.  Medium takes longer.

Remove from grill, let rest and serve with a nice full bodied red wine.

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