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Fur and ChambrayTGIT is back, y’all and I am so excited to drink a glass (ok, or two) while watching them. The TGIT line up continues to break boundaries and last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was no different. What a powerful episode. I promise I will try my best to not spoil it, but one quote stuck with me while watching it:

“Don’t let fear keep you quiet. You have a voice, so use it. Speak up. Raise your hands. Shout your answers. Make yourself heard. Whatever it takes, just find your voice, and when you do, fill the damn silence.” – Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy


Man, after watching what went down, I couldn’t help but be moved and want to share this with all of you. I think that finding your voice is so important – I am still working on it daily and gradually learning to trust myself. This blog has been a huge part of me finding the confidence to share my voice with the world.  Take my body positivity post from a few weeks back – if you would have asked me a year ago to express an opinion about it, I would have gently danced around my beliefs as to not offend anyone. And being honest, it was so that I wasn’t rejected for expressing how I truly felt. It has been extremely liberating to share my beliefs and I challenge everyone to start doing the same. Imagine if you couldn’t communicate for 1 month, 1 week, heck, even 1 hour – how would you be limited? How would this impact your relationships with other people? Our voices are an integral part of who we are, and we have a responsibility to share them with the people we care about.

Finding your voice

I also think this translates into fashion – everyone’s unique style is their voice. Everyday we have the opportunity to express ourselves through our appearance. It has been so refreshing to see a shift in the fashion community of embracing everyone’s individual style. I think that blogging and social media have helped tremendously because it allows individuals from all walks of life to share their fashion personalities with the world. I know that this little corner of the Internet has helped me to grow and express my unique style – I’m learning to take more fashion risks. Brought on by the inspiration from Grey’s Anatomy, I challenge each of you to try an outfit that maybe you were afraid to wear – mix some prints and textures together. As long as you feel great in it  – GO FOR IT! I mean, what’s the worst that can happen, someone tells you that they dislike it….ok, fine – they don’t have to wear it. And worse comes to worst – you dislike it so you never wear that combination again. You spent maybe 12 hours in it – over our lifetime that is like a little blip on the radar.

Learning to express my voice – through both my style and my verbal communication has been a process and I hope that one day everyone is given the opportunity to express their unique identity in their individual way!

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! Wishing you lots of love, wine and chocolate!


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Old Navy Dress

Dress: Old Navy (similar) | Chambray Top: Old Navy (similar) | Fur Vest: Bows & Sequins Collection (similar) | Purse: Old Navy (similar) | Shoes: TOMS | Necklace: Gift (similar)

Photography by: Sofia Emm

Old Navy PurseBows and Sequins VestTOMS Wedges Green Dress Old NavyChambray

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  1. nicole wrote:

    I love what you said about fashion. I agree that we should all take risks, I used to feel silly wearing stylish hats but I took the plunge and bought one and I am in love, I can dress it down or dress it up and it’s created a whole new world for me 🙂

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  2. Sayantini wrote:

    I agree with each of the words here. It’s really important to have an uninfluenced opinion and most importantly to express it. We might and up hurting some people but at the end of the day we would be proud of being honest to ourselves.
    You look so pretty. Loved that bucket bag 🙂

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  3. Lara wrote:

    I love that quote! A few years ago, I would have been the same way (dancing around in hopes of not being rejected or offending), but I also finally found my voice and it is one of the best feelings ever.
    P.S. That is a really cute dress 🙂

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  4. mlaurie24 wrote:

    I love your post and your cute outfit. I agree that’s it’s so important to find your voice. I’m a new blogger, slowly trying to figure everything out and realizing how difficult it can be to find my voice and be comfortable really expressing myself. Thanks for the motivation!

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  5. Angie wrote:

    You are so pretty, and I so enjoy your posts and photographs. I need to work on more clothes.

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  6. You look great! Love the layering! <3

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  7. LOVE this! Blogging has done so much for me in regards to finding my own voice as well. It’s amazing what writing on a website can do for your own self-esteem. Great post!

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  8. I am glad you have your “voice” with fashion and with other areas of your life… you have gained your self-esteem beautiful young lady and I applaud you!

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  9. You look great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. Who doesn’t? Meredith’s narrations are always hard hitting. I’ve also been venturing into new areas of fashion lately. It so much fun! I almost feel silly when I do fashion posts. You make it look effortless!

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  10. Lovely post! Cute look. And I love TGIT too. Although, mostly How to get away with murder.

    Posted 2.15.16 Reply
  11. I LOVE that vest! It’s the perfect amount of fur to be able to wear everyday without it being overkill! Need.

    Posted 2.16.16 Reply
  12. I agree finding your voice is an important thing. The older I get the easier it has been for me to find my voice, not care what others think, and stick up for myself. As you learn who you are and love who you are I believe it becomes easier.

    Posted 2.16.16 Reply
  13. taylermorrell wrote:

    You look gorgeous!

    Posted 2.16.16 Reply
  14. Stephanie Clark wrote:

    I love your outfit!

    Posted 2.16.16 Reply

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