NYFW – Day 1

Black and White Striped Top | Floral Midi Skirt | Black Lace Up Heels | Gold Statement Earrings | Black Leather Purse with Metal Handles (similar)

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or Facebook, you most likely saw that I had the amazing opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week (NYFW) last week. To say it was the trip and experience of a lifetime would be an understatement. I was so honored to be invited to attend since it’s been a dream of mine to attend since I was a little girl. It was some what of a last minute decision to go to NYFW this season because I wasn’t able to attend the first half of the week. But, in early August, I decided that I was going to go for the second half of the week and I am so glad I ultimately made that decision.

Monday was my first day of NYFW and boy was it an early one, y’all! I had a 6AM flight to NYC so I could make sure to have the afternoon in the City, which meant leaving the apartment at 3:45AM. (I am not sure I have ever gotten up that early, but it was totally worth it). I got to the airport, checked my bags, grabbed some breakfast (fun story, most places at IAH don’t open for breakfast until 5AM) and hopped on the plane to start my journey. I was able to sleep for the first half of the flight and before I knew it we landed at Newark a half an hour early. I was so grateful to have a bit more time to make it into the city before my first show. I’ll be honest, I was shocked at how easy everything went that day. It’s like it was all meant to happen to allow me to get to the Addition Elle show in time. I quickly checked my bags at the hotel, since my room wasn’t ready yet (I mean it was 11AM – way before the 3PM check in time). Did a quick change and makeup touch up in the lobby bathroom before making my way down to Skylight Clarkson Square (where most of the NYFW shows are located).

I scanned my ticket and waited to be let in to the Addition Elle gallery. One thing I learned during my time at NYFW is that even though you are given a certain ticket assignment, for example, mine were standing room tickets for Addition Elle, if you wait patiently and are nice to the PR team helping with seating, there may be a chance for you to grab one of the open seats where someone was supposed to sit, but didn’t arrive. For this show, I was directed to sit in the third row behind Danielle Brooks and Gabourey Sidibe (eek… #fangirlmoment). Within minutes of being seated, the lights dimmed and the show started. There was a wide variety of looks shown during their show and it included their new Love & Legend collection curated by Jordan Woods and the new designs for the Ashley Graham lingerie collection. I can’t wait to get my hands on that blue velvet dress (be on the lookout next week for day 3 of my NYFW adventures and my visit to the Addition Elle pop-up shop).

After the Addition Elle show I headed to the Gallery next door to see the Hakkan Akkaya show. It was so great to see a show in such a different way of presentation. There were 3 different runways and the models would walk down the center, then to the right side and then to the left. It was almost like a big square with a runway down the center. The timing had to be so perfect. And the monochromatic black and white atheistic of the clothing was stunning.

At the venue, Skylight Clarkson Square, there were a few areas sponsored by a few of the brands associated with NYFW. Since I had a bit of time to spare, I stopped by the Papyrus coffee bar and sipped on the most scrumptious lavender latte while chatting with a few influencers I met throughout the day. At 3:30, I made my way over to the Tresemme salon to get a touch up (which was definitely needed) and to experience some of their new products. Can we talk about how fabulous this braided top knot it? I totally wish I could re-create this look – I am completely obsessed. A huge thank you to the Tresemme team for making me feel so chic, pulled together and ready for fashion week. Since I was practically running on coffee at this point, having a unique top knot re-invigorated me for the rest of my activities that day.

With my new ‘do, I made my way back to the hotel to check in, refresh my make up and change for the Blogger and the Brand Event hosted in Union Square. Not only was I able to meet some fabulous and adorable blogger babes, but it had the most amazing view of the Freedom Tower. And it was even more special because it was September 11th.

After the event, I realized I had not eaten much that day. Oops. #toobusytoeat I stumbled upon Hu Kitchen next to the event venue and I was drawn in by their healthy/vegan menu. I grabbed the Diesel Parker which was practically vegan lasagna with bolognese sauce. (P.S. thank you to the other customer who convinced me this was the dish to have – it was so delicious!!) Ultimately, I called it an early night on Monday. I think I was in my PJs and ready for bed at like 9:30. After such an amazing day, I fell asleep dreaming of all the amazing clothes I saw and being grateful for having the opportunity to fulfill a dream of mine since I was little.

Stay tuned for Monday’s blog post where I’ll be sharing a recap of my second day at NYFW! Is there anything in particular y’all want to hear about my experience to NYFW? I would love to answer them in the next post.


Black and White Striped Top | Floral Midi Skirt | Black Lace Up Heels | Gold Statement Earrings | Black Leather Purse with Metal Handles (Under $25!!!)  (similar, other favorite)

Photography by Laurel Creative 

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