What I Wore to My First Week of Work

It’s hard to believe that I am officially in my 4th week of work at my new job. Time has really flown by. If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you saw that I made a big transition from Cybersecurity Consulting to in house Cybersecurity support. While the technical aspects of my job hasn’t changed much, it’s a pretty big shift for me mentally for a few reasons.

First, I am going to be working for a single company. Over the past seven years in my consulting role, I had over 15 different companies that I worked for and even more that I proposed work at. Towards the end of that gig, I had 4 different clients I was working on 6 different projects for and 3 other clients I was creating proposals for. It was a lot to juggle, but I’ve always been the kind of person that thrives on this type of chaos. It makes me more productive – I am honestly performing my best when it seems like a whirlwind. Needless to say, focusing on one company is going to a refreshing change of pace that I am excited for. Instead of knowing “enough to talk the talk,” I’ll actually be the “expert” about my new company’s IT environment.

Another reason this new job is so different for me is that I will no longer be traveling on a weekly basis and I am actually going to be working from home. If I’m being 100% with y’all – this work from home life was what scared me the most about taking this position. While it sounds wonderful, I also know how isolating it can be from my experience of doing it for a few weeks at time in my consulting role. But, I have made a vow to do things a lot differently and may even get a membership to a co-working space, like WeWork. A few years ago, I wrote this post sharing my tips about working from home. Once I get settled in this new role, I am going to share a new post with some more tips from doing this full time.

While there have been a lot of changes happening with this shift, one thing I am committed to is still looking my best each day. That means getting up and doing all of the normal things I would do if I had to go into the office, including wearing something nice every day.

For my first week at this job, I was in NYC for onboarding/training (I couldn’t have gotten luckier with the location as the office is straight up in Times Square – my inner Broadway fanatic freaked out when this happened). During that week, I captured a mirror selfie everyday to share what I wore to my casual office.

So without further ado, here’s what I wore each day to my first week of work at a new job…..


A navy knit dress is the perfect first day attire because it allowed me to look casual and professional without looking overdressed.

Navy Knit Bow Dress | Gold Ballet Flats


Orange and Navy Plaid Dress | White Loafers


Black and White Houndstooth Tunic | Black Tights | Black Booties – c/o | Gold Headband | Gold Necklace


Statement Blouse with Bow Tie | Emerald Pleated Skirt – c/o (similar) | Black Tights |                           Printed Booties (similar)


Black and White Striped Sweater – c/o | Black Jeans – c/o | Black Booties – c/o | Black Leather Jacket | Gold Necklace

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