The Best Summer Accessory

In the summer heat, I want to wear lightweight fabrics, but to glam up an outfit, I always reach for my favorite piece of jewelry, a statement earring

White Beaded Round Earring

Every year when August comes around, I get so excited for fall and I want to bust out my over the knee boots and jackets. And every year, without fail, I realize that August and September are really just summer months because it rarely gets below 80 in the South. So, this year, I’ve decided to embrace it. While I can’t wait to share all of the fall items (PSLs included) with you, I’m going to keep sharing my summer favorites because, let’s be honest – this week of 100+ degree temps in both Houston and Atlanta have me thinking the summer is never going to end.

Whenever it gets this warm out, I always feel like I tend to gravitate towards a more minimalistic style because I want the least amount of items touching my body and being the cause of a sweat spot (sorry, it’s the truth) but then I feel naked when my maximalistic inner voice takes over and says “add more. add more.” My solution to this conundrum – statement earrings.

Not only does this bold accessory quench my need to make a statement, but they often times don’t touch my neck or shoulders, and I think they add a perfect frame to our best features – our faces. Since I started wearing statement earrings a couple of years, I’ve amassed a great collection of pieces in all shapes, colors, prints and silhouettes and am always on the hunt for the next great piece. This summer, there was a wide array of earrings which caught my eye. And today, I am sharing just a handful of my most worn statement earrings (and best summer accessory)….

Do you have a go to summer accessory? Let me know in the comments! 

A minimal statement earring can add a pop of color to any outfit

Kendra Scott Teal Square Loop Earring – c/0

Round gold bold earrings
A statement earring easily adds a pop of fun without the added bulk

Lisi Lerch Gold Round Statement Earring – c/o

Wood arc drop down statement earring

Wooden Arc Statement Earrings

Teal square statement earring

Teal Square Beaded Statement Earring

Kendra Scott hot pink minimal statement earringKendra Scott Hot Pink Earring – c/o
Kendra Scott floral tortoise statement earring Kendra Scott Black Mother of Pearl Floral Earring – c/0

Lisi Lerch Gold Statement Earring

Lisi Lerch Gold Drop Statement Earring – c/o

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  1. Joe wrote:

    Great collection you have! I like all your collection of super bold and a statement earring. Especially I like very much the design of Kendra Scott Black Mother of Pearl Floral Earring. 🙂

    Posted 8.22.19 Reply

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