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Figuring out what to wear for a boardroom meeting has never been easier with the new Lane Bryant workwear section dedicated to all of the outfits you need for any work environment.

Fuchsia Tie Top Blouse – c/o | Black Straight Leg Pant – c/o | Black Stretch Blazer – c/0 | Star Statement Necklace – old (similar)

Y’all, seriously – how is it August already?!? I feel like the summer just started and I had a bunch of vacations lined up. It’s hard to believe most schools will be back in session over the next few weeks and everyone will be back in work. While it hasn’t completely stopped, work for me is usually a little bit calmer in the summer because of all of the different vacations my clients take. Now that school is back in and there are less vacations, work will start to ramp up, which means my business casual wardrobe needs to, as well.

As a technology consultant, what I wear to work can vary greatly based on the meetings I have that day and my client’s environment. There are some days where I need to be in the traditional business formal (aka. full suit) to present to executives or kick off a project while there are other days where I am working with my internal team and don’t have to be so formal.

The last four months of the year are always the busiest and most stressful for me at work (and this fall is looking like it’s not going to be any different), so I’ve been on the hunt for a couple of pieces that will take me from the boardroom to a day of hustling behind the computer. Knowing that I need pieces that can be extremely versatile to accommodate my ever changing work environment, I’ve been looking for pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.

Going from business casual to business formal is super easy especially when you have great foundational pieces that can be mixed and matched. Lane Bryant has a great selection of workwear clothes that can take you from the boardroom to the bar. One of the first places I decided to look was at Lane Bryant and luckily, for all of us curvy ladies their new fall ready-to-wear workwear collection is absolutely amazing and they are making it super easy to find pieces that can be combined to accommodate whatever office environment you work in. While I was browsing on the Lane Bryant website, I instantly gravitated towards this side-tie top because of the vibrant magenta color. If you’ve been around SGSB for awhile now, you know that I am all about wearing color to work because I love wearing color outside of the office so why should it be any different when I’m being a #boss?

Because most weeks I have to pack my outfits on Sunday night into my suitcase (to travel to my client’s office on Monday), I always tend to pack a neutral pair of slacks and a blazer with me because I never know what the week may throw at me. I typically tend to gravitate towards black as my neutral because it can be dressed up to look super business formal and honestly it can endure a lot (including lunch mishaps) without showing the wear.

Since we’re talking about work pants, let’s just say it – finding a pair of work slacks is probably one of the most difficult things to find. Personally, I find it harder to find a pair of work pants than a pair of jeans, swimsuit and shoes all combined. If they fit properly, they usually are made of an annoying fabric that makes the swoosh sound (I don’t need to let the whole office know I’m headed their way…). Or they end up having an elastic waistband (this may be my biggest slack pet peeve) – while I think there’s a time and a place, y’all the work place is not it (or at least I don’t think so).

But, y’all, my slacks dilemma may have been solved by my friends at Lane Bryant, the Allie slacks are AMAZING!! They have a bit of stretch built into the fabric which makes them super comfortable for the 12+ hour travel/work days, but they never lose their shape which makes them perfect for the boardroom or the bar (happy hour, anyone?!?). Could they get any better?

Well, I need to sign off to get some work done that I didn’t finish up at the office, but I hope y’all liked this little glimpse into my work wear thought process and how/why I end up choosing some of the pieces I do….until next time, friends, follow your dreams and feel beautiful while doing it!

Do you have a go-to work outfit? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

Nothing comes close to the feeling of walking out of a meeting knowing that you rocked it and looked good while doing it. In today's post, I'm sharing one of my favorite tricks for pulling together the best plus size work outfit. Fuchsia Tie Top Blouse – c/o
| Black Straight Leg Pant – c/o | Black Stretch Blazer – c/0 | Star Statement Necklace – old (similar)

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Wearing business casual to the office every day doesn't have to be boring. I'm sharing one of my biggest tips for showing your personality at the office - wearing color - with the help of Lane Bryant. Finding plus size business casual outfits has never been easier than with the help of Lane Bryant this season. I'm always on the hunt for fabulous plus size business casual workwear an Lane Bryant is making it super easy with their new workwear section just in time for the start of schoolFeeling confident in the board room can be tough, but finding clothing that makes me feel great helps to increase my confidence in my ability

I love pairing a bright colored top with a neutral suit for the perfect plus size business casual outfit.
Lane Bryant has some of the best business casual plus size clothes perfect for any work environment.
Being a boss babe can be difficult. There are lots of stressors often associated with it, but choosing an outfit shouldn't be one of them. Lane Bryant has curated a section of their website to help you find that perfect work outfit for any office. Work should be fun at least most of the time and my outfits for the office are no different. Lane Bryant is making that super easy by curating a selection of their items in one spot on their website. Heading into the office with a spring in my step because I'm feeling wonderful in my Lane Bryant plus size workwear from their latest collection. Looking ahead to the weekend knowing that work is going to be absolutely crazy, but I am confident that I will look great thanks to Lane Bryant's new plus size workwear collection. Trying to pull my curvy work outfit together for the week ahead and I'm finding it super easy with the help of Lane Bryant's work wear collection.

Lane Bryant has some of the best plus size work clothes.
Finding a curvy work outfit has never been easier. Lane Bryant now has a dedicated work section to find the pieces that work best for your office environment.

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