Tips for Traveling for Work

I spend most of my times living out of a suitcase, which you would think would be awesome. In reality, it means sometimes compromising style and beauty for something practical and it will fit in my roll-aboard suitcase. Over the past year, I have traveled four days a week for almost all of these weeks. I now have a routine and have picked up some tips and ticks along the way. Here are some of my top secrets while on the road.



1) Invest in a great piece of luggage – If you travel as much as I do, my suitcase needs to be sturdy and fit all of my essentials for the week. I love TravelPro suitcases because they have a hang-up section that allows me to keep my workday wardrobe neat and mostly wrinkle free. This suitcase is also great, because the main compartment has plenty of space to hold all my shoes and other essentials. (And, my suitcase even has a water bottle holder on the outside….see #4).
2) A great pair of flats – I will be the first to admit that I love to be in heels, especially at work. But airports are huge and by the time I reach my gate I have blisters starting to form and my feet are aching and I still have a 10-12 hour day in front of me. I recently invested in a pair of Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan flats and I am obsessed!! They have great padding on the bottom and I have not had one blister yet (a huge feat for me – pun intended!). 
3) Subscription beauty services – you probably are thinking, “Emily – why would you want to have a subscription beauty box/service when you are on the road?” Well, first of all, I am obsessed with beauty products, so I want to try the latest and greatest and these boxes allow me to do that. Also, these boxes/services send you the perfect-sized products to carry in your plastic bag through airport security. Ever since I starting carrying these products, I have reduced the amount of products I need. Most of the samples in these boxes will last you at least four days, if not two weeks. Some of my favorite subscription services are GlossyBox, Birchbox, and New Beauty Test Tube! (If you are interested in joining any of these services, please let me know. They often offer discounts when someone refers you!!) 
4) A reusable water bottle – In my attempt to be eco-conscious, I bring a reusable water bottle with me every week. It allows me to keep track of how many ounces I consume during the day, I produce less waste and I can take it with me from the airport to work to the gym! My favorite water bottle is by Camelbak
5) A color-streamlined wardrobe – now, this is a process that takes some time to work towards. I have found that with the limited amount of space in my suitcase, I have to make sure to that I use the same neutral color to wear. I chose black – it can be paired with a good amount of colors and it is easy to find. Usually, I pack a black pair of slacks, a black suit, a black pencil skirt, a black cardigan and a black pair of pumps. Then, I just need to pack a few different blouses that could work with any of these options. It makes getting ready in the morning a whole lot easier and I only need one pair of shoes that can coordinate with everything. This rule of thumb can be used whether you travel or not – it just makes life easier! 
Do you have any tips you have learned while traveling? I would love to hear them! Stay warm! 

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