The Perfect Girl’s Getaway in Concan, TX

Vacation Frio River invited me to experience their properties and Concan, TX at no cost to me. All opinions are my own. 

Hey, friends! While I do a LOT of traveling for work, I have not experienced much of the great state of Texas outside of the four major cities. When I was invited to attend an influencer weekend with Vacation Frio River at the beginning of April, I immediately jumped at the chance to visit this popular vacation spot nestled in the Texas Hill Country to get some R&R and experience a new area of Texas that I had yet to see.

How to get there

Concan is about 1.5 hours west of San Antonio and the only way to get there is by car. And you’ll definitely want to have it when you’re there to scoot around from adventure to adventure in. Plus, who doesn’t love a good road trip to jam out?!?

If you have the choice of cars, I’d recommend a SUV or something that sits up a little bit higher because you may have to cross the river at points. It’s not super high, but just easier (or maybe less scary) if when the car sits up just that much higher.

Where to stay in Concan


Vacation Frio River's Porter House is the perfect option for any family or large girl's getaway

While there are plenty of options of homes to rent in Concan, I could not recommend Vacation Frio River more. We stayed in he main house, Porter’s Tree House, which can sleep up to 26 people! There was plenty of space for us all to spread out for the relaxing weekend!

I happened to stay in one of the two bedrooms upstairs with three queen size beds. And between the fresh air and comfortable beds, I passed out both nights and slept like a baby!

Besides being an extremely luxurious and well-kept property, I think the best reason to stay at Vacation Frio River is that this property has direct access to the Frio River. Rather than having to pack up all of your goodies to go out for the day, you can make as many trips back to the house as you need. (it’s only 20 yards from the Frio River to the back door) During our stay, I noticed the house was probably the perfect distance because it was close enough to make multiple trips, but it was far enough away to block out any noise (aka. fun) happening on the river.

One of the things that I quickly realized and greatly appreciated was the limited wireless and cellular connectivity that we had while we were in Concan. We had WiFi while we were at Vacation Frio River, but I honestly really appreciated having limited signal and connectivity to the rest of the world (*cough*cough* work, I’m looking at you).

Spending the weekend at Vacation Frio River was just what I needed to recharge after a hectic first couple of months of 2019.

In addition to the main house, Vacation Frio River also offers 5 hotel-like suites that are perfect for a couple’s getaway or a small group of friends. These suites offer a small kitchenettes to prepare some light bites and there is a bunk bed with two queen beds.

Vacation Frio River also offers a handful of amenities that not a lot of other rental properties provide. They have a margarita machine (which we may or may not have taken part in), have the option to rent tubes directly from them, linen rental, an option to have personal chef cook your meals for you (see below), and the owner has an air conditioned bus which can drop you off at the start of the river and you can float down directly to the house! You honestly could not ask for much more when it comes to a house for a weekend away.

Where to eat 

When I’m on vacation, food is at least one third of what makes it so amazing! While I was in Concan, we had some of the best meals and experiences! I mean, look at the view we had from breakfast!

If you’re looking for a country-style breakfast, look no further than Neal’s Dining Room. We went there about 8 am on a Saturday and were one of only a handful of groups having breakfast. Within the hour, the place was packed! And we were there during the off-season, so I can only imagine how busy they can get in the summer. If I had one tip, it’s to go early because the food is definitely worth it!

What to do on the perfect girl's getaway at Vacation Frio River

For a finer dinning experience, we made the 25 minute drive from Vacation Frio River to the Laurel Tree at Treehouse Utopia. This restaurant is known for it’s unique accommodations (like the name says – a treehouse), delicious food, and large poppy fields which bloom in mid-to-late April. The Laurel Tree is only open for business on Saturdays and they serve a prix fixe menu based on the fresh + seasonal ingredients Chef Laurel is inspired by. During our visit, we had the best lemon + artichoke soup – six weeks later and I am still salivating at the thought of eating it. By the end of the meal, all of us could barely touch the exquisite desserts that were apart of the meal.

The poppy fields outside the Laurel Tree restaurant were just starting to bloom when we were there.
We were fortunate to meet the chef and owner, Laurel, after our delicious meal
The amazing dinner we had at the Laurel Tree restaurant

After a long day at the river, maybe a night out isn’t on the agenda, luckily, Vacation Frio River has a fully furnished kitchen filled with two refrigerators, quality knives and all of the cookware you would need to make a delicious meal for everyone.

If you are looking to completely relax and have a home cooked meal available when you decide to venture back from the river, Vacation Frio River has an in-house chef available to cook meals for you during your stay. While we were there, Chef Robyn cooked for us on Friday night and made some of the best salmon I’ve had in the longest time. Her meal was extremely thoughtful (she made both fish and meat since it was Lent and wanted to accommodate anyone who may be observing meatless Fridays and she made spaghetti squash instead of pasta because she thought ladies would want to eat something lighter).

What to do in Concan

Besides spending time with your friends or family and getting some well deserved R&R, there are a couple of things that you have to do and see!

First up, you have to float the Frio River. Aligning with it’s name, the Frio River was freezing cold when we were there which makes for the perfect place to float during the crazy hot Texas summers. Before this trip, I had never experienced the Frio River (only the Guadalupe). The Frio seemed to be a lot cleaner and clearer – I could see all the way to the bottom. Plus, the Frio is a family friendly river, so it’s often a little less rowdy than some of the other well-known TX float locations.

Only minutes from Vacation Frio River is Garner State Park which offers miles of hiking trails, picturesque views and lots of water activities, including paddle boats. We also stopped at the epicenter of the park –  the pavilion – where lots of events occur during the summer. The Pavilion even has a restaurant and ice cream shop where you can grab a quick snack.

Have you been to Concan before? What are your favorite things to do there? 


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I had the most amazing weekend exploring Concan with this group of influencers. Staying at Vacation Frio River was one of the best decisions we could have made.
P.S. This trip was made extra special because of the ladies that I got to experience this weekend with. We instantly connected and stayed up laughing and ridiculous things until our eyelids could not stay open any longer. If you aren’t already following them, be sure to go check out each and every one of them!
From left to right: Tori from The Storibook, Ramona from Fab Everyday,  Aquila from Haute in Texas,  Nataly from Beautifully Elegant, and Amanda from

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