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I can’t believe it is Wednesday again and it is time for a new Wishlist! This past week has been amazing and I am really loving it here in Florida! Over the weekend, I had some drinks with co-workers on Friday which turned into a late night that I will never forget! Then on Saturday, I needed a recovery day – I just can’t party like I use to. This girl needs her sleep. My recovery day was perfect because it gave me an excuse to stay in bed and watch the new season of Orange is the New Black. The first episode wasn’t my favorite, but it picked back up in the second episode and I think this season is even better than last! Have you seen the new season – what’s been your favorite part? This week has been filled with lots of laughter (and work), but I am truly enjoying it. I am excited to meet up with some friends from ND in Orlando later this week! Road trip!! OK, it’s really not that far – but I am pretty excited. I have a brand new Toyota Corolla this week from Hertz! I love having status there – my cars, recently, have been fantastic! 

But on to Wishlist Wednesday! This week I joined a new site call What Goes With This and I am quickly becoming obsessed! It is great because you can ask the community on WGWT about what you should style with a certain item or you can create your own looks to share with others. I am loving this site because I can style multiple outfits with the same top or shoes. It really allows me to show the versatility in an outfit! I also love that I can ask other fashionistas about what I should be wearing! I would consider this my Pinterest for outfits! So addicting, but so amazing! 

You should definitely check it out! In the picture above- I have put together an outfit that I would love to wear this summer. I love maxi dresses because they are extremely comfortable but look sophisticated. I added a lovely Tory Burch sandal in bold orange to give the outfit a pop of color and a lovely clutch from Elaine Turner to add a little finesse! Make sure to click on the button above to follow my profile and to start your own WGWT closet! I hope you enjoy! 

A snap of my profile on WGWT and some of my likes on the site!

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