A Change of Scenery

I never really know how predictable I am and how much of a routine I get into until I take a bit of time off or change something. And I am honestly always surprised how much a change of scenery can be refreshing. Since November, I have been traveling to the same client in San Antonio, TX. During my weekly trips, I usually stay at the same hotel, do the same workout and ordered the same thing for breakfast, etc, etc. I have my set routine and I thought that I was content and, ultimately, happy with what I was doing. 

Yesterday, the opportunity presented itself to stay at a different hotel for the week and I decided to make a last minute change. I have heard great things about the Eilan Hotel from a colleague and let me tell you it did not disappoint – this place is fantastic!! In addition to being stunning, this Italian inspired resort, located in the Hill Country, is such a welcome change for my routine. After finishing work, my co-worker and I grabbed some dinner and I headed to the hotel around 7pm. It was still sunny out (thanks spring forward!) and the view of the hotel as I approached was spectacular. Normally on Mondays, I go back to my hotel and either work for a bit or head straight to bed, but I was motivated by the beautiful weather and view so I threw on my tennis shoes to walk the property. I walked about two miles perusing the different buildings and took a few pictures along the way.  I was glad to get some exercise and enjoy the spring evening, but more than that, I found mental clarity. I will admit my job, at times, can be extremely stressful and this walk helped me to unwind and to let some of my cares and worries melt away. I am so so glad I made the last minute decision to change hotels.  

Given the fresh air and, maybe even, the change in the room layout, I felt like a new person; like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and overall I was/am more motivated to be the best I can be. My challenge for you is to change something about your routine – take a different path to work, try a new workout class or eat something different for breakfast. Whatever it is, making a small change may do wonders for your day! 

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