How I Prepare for the Week Ahead

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Who doesn’t hate that time on Sunday afternoon when you realize the work week is looming? It’s the end of the fun, do what you want mentality and the start of the routine filled week. Whenever I have to travel for work, the feeling seems to be compounded by the fact that I have so many chores that have to get done before I leave at 5 am on Monday morning.

After 4+ years, of this routine, I’ve figured out a few tips/hacks to help me stay sane, prep for the week ahead and be more successful throughout the week.

1. Plan something fun for Sunday night – Maybe you plan to cook dinner with friends at home, maybe it’s going to church or maybe it’s staying home to have a nice long bubble bath and read your favorite book. It’s so important to find things that you love to do and that will add energy/inspiration back into your life. By scheduling these activities for Sunday night, you have something to look forward to and it helps to ease the Sunday Blues. 

2. Pick out clothes + iron them for the week ahead – This is my absolute #1 tip for helping to get out the door quickly each morning. By picking out my clothes on Sunday night, I don’t spend the time in the morning (typically before I’ve had my coffee and my brain is truly functioning) trying to beat my indecisiveness. I also tend to look a bit more pulled together when I choose my clothes wide awake, plus by ironing them on Sunday, I don’t have to worry about changing the outfit I had in my mind just because it would take the extra couple of minutes to iron it in the morning.

If I’m being honest, I’ve always hated ironing because I felt like it would take me so long and the results were sub-par. I was so excited when one of my favorite hair tool brands, CHI , reached out to offer me the opportunity to try their new Electronic Retractable Clothing Iron. I’ve been in the market for a new iron since the one I had was taking a good five minutes to heat up to the temperature it needed to be to even get the smallest wrinkle out and I felt that I had to iron the same spot multiple times to make it look somewhat decent.

As soon as I pulled the CHI Iron out of the box, plugged it in and turned it on, I could immediately tell a difference. The iron was much more sturdy and the ceramic plate started steaming. I honestly never knew an iron could get out the wrinkles so quickly and the amount of time I now spend ironing is at least half of what I was doing before.

There are also some other great features that make me love the CHI Iron even more. First is the digital screen that reflect the the actions taken on the dial (aka. turn up or turn down the heat). It makes it so easy to determine the temperature needed based on the type of clothing I am trying to iron. Second is the retractable cord. Since I live in an apartment and can’t leave my ironing board out (ok, I probably could, but it would take up a lot of room that I would prefer to use for other things), having the retractable cord on the iron is a streamlined way to store the iron in the cabinet in my laundry room (and there are no cord knots to detangle). Fair warning though, the retractable mechanism is powerful, so be sure to hold onto the end of the cord so you don’t get smacked by.

After using the new CHI Iron, I kind of enjoy ironing.

3. Go grocery shopping and meal prep – Similar to tip #2, planning ahead on my meals and snacks not only saves me time throughout the week, but it also helps me to save money and eat healthier since I don’t stop by my favorite takeout places (or order from UberEats) to grab an indulgent meal. I could probably write a whole blog post about my meal prep tips, but I’ll save that for another time, but at the bare minimum, on Sundays, I like to go grocery shopping, cut up my fruits and veggies, have ready to go snacks and have at least 1 protein already made for the days that I end up working late. It’s not always possible to have every meal planned out and ready to go on Sundays, but having a few of the steps completed definitely works in my favor and helps me to focus less (aka stress less) on running to the store or ordering something when that last minute fire drill (aka. issue) at work arises.

What tips do you have to help yourself get prepared for the week ahead? 


Positive Message Tee | Skinny Jeans | Pink Tieks Ballet Flats |CHI Electronic Retractable Clothing Iron (available at Bed, Bath & Beyond) – c/o

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