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Spring cleaning…brings a Sephora haul!! I recently did a massive clean out of my bathroom and decided that I needed (OK, wanted) some new products that I have been lusting over!

First, I bought the Naked3 palette from Urban Decay. I was excited when this product was released but decided to wait and use some of my other neutrals shadows before splurging. I have to say that I regret waiting this long.  The colors are fantastic and look great for day or night – just like the previous two palettes. This palette has more of a pink and brown theme and I am obsessed.  It may be my favorite Naked palette yet!! 
How pretty are these? 
I have also been coveting the Guerlain Meteorites Powder. I could not believe how beautiful these beads were in person. I hesitated to use them the first time because they were just to beautiful in the container. Speaking of the container, it is spectacular as well. It looks beautiful on a vanity. This product is  great to add a little shimmer and highlight. 
I also needed to restock on my Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, so I added that to my purchase. I love this moisturizer at night because it is extremely hydrating and does not have an overbearing fragrance. 
The other two items I purchased were last minute splurges. I have a (probably bad) habit of looking at the What’s New and Editor’s Choices on before checking out. While doing so on this purchase, I found the Bite Agave Lip Mask and Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara
I absolutely love the lip mask. I put the thick gel mask on right before I go to bed and my lips are super smooth and hydrated throughout the next day. I think this product has to be my favorite of the entire purchase!!! 
The Clinique mascara was good, but I probably will not purchase it again. The brush was tiny and worked well to place on my bottom lashes, but I found that it did not last as long as other formulas. Plus, it is another product that I need to fit into my TSA friendly Ziploc bag when I travel. I think that I will continue to stick with applying my normal mascara to all of my lashes. 
What products are you loving right now? 

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