My New Hair Product Love

This past weekend was so relaxing, I was able to catch up on my errands and testing out some new hair products that have been sitting on my counter. After a  Moroccan Oil hair mask and  face mask (Even on the weekends, I can’t get away from my multi-tasking), my brown strands felt so silky and smooth, so I decided to style my hair straight.

I have been dying to try the Living Proof Prime Style Extender and I was not been disappointed!!! When I usually straighten my hair, the ends become curly within an hour of being outside because of the humidity. I was able to celebrate my friend’s birthday at an outside bar and come home with my hair looking almost identical to when I first styled it. It was so late, that I threw my hair in a pony tail and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I did not need to mess with my hair before brunch. It looked just as good at the night before!!!

In addition to helping my style last longer, I did not have any frizz the whole night!! My hair never felt weighed down and it looks silky smooth. I can totally see why the Living Proof Prime Style Extender has won so many beauty awards this year, including: Allure, and CEW awards. I can tell you that I will be using this product more often. Next weekend, I am going to try this product out when I style my hair naturally (curly).

Have you found any products similar to this that I should try?

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