Mud Mask

About once a week, I feel like I need a spa day! I usually dedicate my Sundays to cleaning, doing laundry and relaxing for the week ahead. For the relaxation part, I draw a nice bubble bath, put on a hair mask and then apply a face mask. Now there are many types of masks and I use different ones for different problems but I have found my go-to mask when I don’t have any particular concerns, I just need some hydration and purification. Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask is perfect for everyday skin needs. The package claims that it “deeply cleans, removes impurities, and minimizes the appearance of pores” and I would agree. When I first put the mask on, there was a cooling, tingling sensation that became less noticeable the longer I wore it. I kept the mask on for around 15 minutes and then washed it off with warm water. Immediately  I noticed a difference! My face was brighter and my blemish was significantly smaller. My face also felt clean, but not tight like similar products will do to my skin. I applied my night serum and moisturizer and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I was surprised how soft my face felt – almost as smooth as a baby’s bottom. My skin was almost just as bright as it was the night before. Overall, with the Wen Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask, I wear less makeup and feel more comfortable about showing off my glowing skin. 

Eight pods come in the package with an application brush (that can be used after all pods have been used up!). So, I believe that it is a deal to get 8 days of pampering for $42. I have tested a few other products from this line and I am absolutely in love. Check the mask out here or here

What products do you use when you need an at home spa day? 

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