In the Beginning….

For about six months now, I have debated the idea of starting a beauty blog. I mean, I spend enough money on beauty products and I travel weekly for work so I have the time to spare.

So a little more about me, I graduated from college in 2012 and have been working as a Technology Consultant based in Houston. My days consist of working long days in a corporate office, so my makeup often needs to be natural and sophisticated but also stay on a long time. If I am not in the office, I am at an airport struggling to fit all of my awesome products in a quart size plastic bag! If traveling wasn’t hard enough on my makeup routine, I also have to be aware of the different temperatures and climates. Houston is often hot and humid, so I need powder to make sure that my makeup doesn’t melt between the door and my car. But in San Francisco, I have to worry about the wind, so I need to use cream products.

My passion for all of this stems back to 6th grade when my Mom took me to Ulta for the first time! “WOW! Look at this product, what is it for?” This trip began my amazing journey of fashion and beauty magazines, Sephora and Ulta trips and lots, I mean LOTS of experimenting. There have been some missteps (forehead fringe bangs with curly hair may have been the worst), but overall I love learning about and experimenting with different products. I hope that this blog will be a place where I can talk about new products, my routine and what products I can’t live without. I will probably post other things, as well. I love to cook, so I may throw in a few of my favorite recipes. One thing that most people know me for is my love of cupcakes. So, I will probably mention those a time or two (or a million).

As I embark on this journey, I hope that I can share my knowledge and learn from you, as well. If you ever have any tips, tricks or product recommendations, please let me know! And so it begins…..


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