Beauty Essentials for Game Day – Go Irish!!

I am so excited to be heading up to South Bend tomorrow for the final home game of the season! I absolutely love college football and love to be at games and feel the excitement in the stadium right before kick-off. It hasn’t been the best season for the Irish, but I am hoping that they can pull out this win for me!

 As excited as I am for the game, I am nervous for the high of 30 degrees on Saturday and for the dry air. As much as I say the cold doesn’t bother me, I have gotten accustomed to the warmth of Houston (it’s 75 here today). To make sure that I stay bundled and looking great, here is a list of my game day essentials!
  • Chapstick: I am currently obsessed with EOS. I have it everywhere; in my purse, work bag, car and nightstand.
  • Hand Lotion: with the extreme wind, dry air and keeping my hands in mittens stuffed in my pockets, I make sure to put hand lotion on about 4 times a day
  • Waterproof Mascara: I do have a confession to make, I normally don’t leave the house with out this, but it will be extremely important this weekend given the high chance that it will snow
  • BB Cream: I am planning on keeping my routine simple because the wind can strip the makeup quickly but the BB Cream is important because it is extremely moisturizing and it has SPF to protect me from the sun
I can’t wait to be back on campus with my roommates and celebrate another football season! Go Irish!!

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